Alumni Profile: Rajiv Srivatsa

Founding Urban Ladder

In July 2012, Rajiv Srivatsa, along with Ashish Goel, co-founded Urban Ladder with the vision of establishing it as India’s premier furniture destination. The goal was to revolutionize the furniture shopping experience and become a reliable choice for aesthetically pleasing and convenient furniture.

Educational Background and Early Career

Rajiv Srivatsa graduated from IIT Madras in 2000 with a B.Tech in Naval Architecture Engineering. He further pursued an MBA from IIM Bangalore. His professional journey commenced at Cognizant Technology Solutions, where he spent over four years in Business Analysis and Consulting. Later, he served as Senior Product Manager at Yahoo Emerging Markets, focusing on cutting-edge online and mobile products in emerging markets.

Building Urban Ladder

As the co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer, Rajiv played a pivotal role in raising over $100 million in venture capital for Urban Ladder. The company aimed to offer high-quality, stylish, and affordable furniture directly to consumers’ doorsteps, transforming the way people furnished their homes. Urban Ladder introduced design consultancy services to assist customers in making informed decisions about their home furnishing needs.

Omnichannel Approach and Expansion

Urban Ladder adopted an omnichannel approach, combining the convenience of online shopping with the touch-and-feel experience of offline retail. The introduction of physical stores, termed “Experience Centers,” allowed customers to physically interact with furniture and decor items before making purchases. This strategy aimed to provide a holistic shopping experience.

Funding, Partnerships, and Growth

In its early years, Urban Ladder secured substantial funding from prominent venture capital firms, fueling its growth. Strategic partnerships with renowned brands and retailers expanded its product offerings and customer reach. The company’s commitment to delivering quality and design excellence contributed to its popularity.

Acquisition by Reliance Retail

In 2020, Urban Ladder was acquired by Reliance Retail, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd, one of India’s largest conglomerates. This acquisition sought to leverage Urban Ladder’s online expertise to enhance Reliance Retail’s presence in the e-commerce sector, marking a significant milestone in Urban Ladder’s journey.