Do IIT Madras students get opportunities for global semester exchanges?

Plenty! In fact, there are around 300 opportunities per semester for a student to study in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. IIT Madras has established Student Exchange Agreements with over 100 prestigious higher education institutions globally to enable this. Under these agreements, an IIT Madras student can undertake a semester at these partner universities with a complete tuition waiver, and the credits earned can be seamlessly transferred to their home program. Additionally, students can pursue paid internships at renowned institutions like Purdue University. To assist with associated expenses such as travel, visa, and medical insurance, alumni funding is accessible You can see the entire list of universities here.

Students have the academic flexibility to pursue one entire semester in any of these universities, and any courses pursued/credits earned abroad will be transferred to their IITM grade sheet.

IIT Madras will attempt to get the student a full scholarship for the semester abroad. However, this will depend on the student’s academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular pursuits and performance.

To get the overall gist of SemEx program, visit here.

Here is the link for the Global Engagement Office of IITM, which partners with Institutes worldwide, creating opportunities for students and faculty.