How can I travel around such a large campus like IITM?

IITM has a vast campus, and navigating it can be quite daunting, especially for the first time. Most students use bicycles (also a convenient mode of transport) to move around the campus due to the presence of bicycle-friendly paths.

The Institute provides bus transport facilities within the campus. Four regular buses and ten battery-powered vehicles, named after mountain ranges and peaks in India, come every 20-30 minutes between the Main Gate, Gajendra Circle (GC), Hostel Zone and Velachery Gate. These buses operate from 6 AM to 10 PM. More recently, EV-powered AC buses have also started operating around the campus (thanks to our esteemed alumni!).

Recently, the Institute has also started shuttle services (E-Carts) within the campus to help students, faculty, and staff move between different departments, hostels, and other campus facilities. There are special shuttle services available for female students beyond 10 PM as well. This has become a ubiquitous mode of transport for students who might be travelling with a lot of luggage.

While less common than the other modes, some students also use personal vehicles like motorcycles to commute to and from the campus. There are designated parking areas for personal vehicles on the campus.

Along with the ways mentioned above to commute around the Institute, some students also prefer to walk around the lush campus (especially if there are no classes to attend).