What is the eligibility criteria to attend demo day?

Which student are eligible to attend demo day?
Is IITM paying the travel expenses?
What is demo day?

Hello Abhishek,

Demo Day is a curated 1-day program by AskIITM, where you get to visit the IIT Madras campus, attend classes, talk to professors and students, and satisfy your curiosity about the best college in India. You can read about Demo Day on its official website.

Since we have limited seats and want to prioritize rank holders, registration for Demo Day 2024 is temporary only. We will confirm your registration after the JEE Advanced rank list is released. You will receive an email and a phone call after June 9.

The tickets for Demo Day are free, but you have to arrange the travel and stay yourself. Registration is mandatory, and as mentioned above, your registration will only be confirmed after the JEE Advanced rank list is released through an email and a phone call from AskIITM.

Good Luck!