What is the IIT Madras library like?

The Central Library is one of the landmark buildings of IIT Madras. It is huge, comprehensive, and fully stacked with over 2 million books. Spread over five storeys, it is fully air-conditioned and wi-fi-enabled and has separate reading halls for journals, books, and references. It has a wide range of print materials, audio and video cassettes, books, patents, theses, reports, monographs, and even a wealth of online databases, e-books, e-journals, e-newspapers, e-magazines and e-standards.

It was awarded the Wiley Library Award in 2019 for being the best Digitally Transformed Academic Library (Government).

The endless rows of books are easily accessible, as every book, its availability, and its location can be found on the computer database making it a matter of minutes before you have your book.