Why is IIT Madras NIRF#1 since 2016?

While securing the first position for two consecutive years itself is considered a great feat for an institution, IIT Madras has been NIRF #1 for seven continuous years. IITs are the best places in the country to pursue engineering, and ranking number 1 with a top score, beating other IITs by a comfortable margin stands as a testament to the quality and excellence of IIT Madras.


After tackling the JEE and finally landing a spot at an Indian Institute of Technology, students dive into researching colleges, choosing a bunch of them after weighing their options. For some, it’s all about landing their preferred branch regardless of the location, while others aim for what they consider the ‘best’ institute. And how do they judge that? Here is where rankings come into the picture - higher rank, better institute, right? Specifically, the NIRF rankings become the go-to comparison tool among these reputed institutes.

But hey, maybe it’s time to take a closer peek. It’s not just about the rankings; it’s about digging into each institute’s scores across various parameters. The parameters play a major role in deciding the quality of each of these institutes. That way, you’ll get a clearer idea of which institute aligns best with your expectations and goals, ultimately making it easy to choose.

The Parameters

The overall NIRF score is based on the cumulative scores of 5 parameters:

  • Teaching, Learning, Resources: With a high TLR score, IIT Madras excels in collaborations with top institutions, faculty development, diverse NPTEL courses, modern resources in its Central Library, cutting-edge facilities in workshops and labs, including preparations for a National Supercomputing Mission, amplifying academic and research excellence.
  • Outreach and Inclusivity: IIT Madras actively engages international students through cultural events, prioritizes women’s welfare via the Women’s Forum, provides financial support, and maintains excellent accessibility provisions for physically challenged students, ensuring an inclusive environment.
  • Research and Professional Practice: Given the institute’s research prowess, aiding research-inclined students in identifying ample research opportunities and quality projects, IIT Madras has the highest RP score among all IITs.
  • Graduation Outcomes: Under strong placement facilities, entrepreneurship promotion, and excellent academic resources that foster graduates suitable for academic pursuits in top universities across the globe, IIT Madras is undoubtedly the best when it comes to GO.
  • Perception: IIT Madras has a perfect 100 score in perception - showcasing public, industry, and academic trust in the institute, giving insight into its academic standing and professional prospects for students.

With a cumulative top score from all the parameters, IIT Madras has evidently been ranked 1 for 7 years and is the best institute to study with a Holistic education, advanced facilities, and a very good research culture. Not only on the academic front, but the institute also contributes significantly to developing students’ interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and physical and mental health - ultimately making them better individuals for the future.