Why should I do a PoR?

Positions of Responsibility, or PoR, are generally taken up by students starting from their second year. Freshman can volunteer in student organizations and choose to continue working as a coordinator in their second-year.

Here are few reasons why you should do a PoR:

  • PoRs can help you identify your interests by providing real-world experiences that reveal your strengths and passions. By managing tasks, leading teams, or making decisions, you discover what activities you enjoy and excel at, whether it’s strategic planning, problem-solving, or teamwork. These experiences can clarify your career goals and guide your educational and professional choices.
  • They help you socialize and make friends through shared interests. Collaborating and working in teams brings you together with like-minded peers, creating a natural foundation for relationships. For example, serving on a student council or leading a club fosters camaraderie and mutual support, leading to strong bonds and meaningful friendships.
  • They improve your communication skills. As a team leader or project manager, you need to clearly articulate ideas, provide instructions, and give feedback. These roles involve public speaking, writing reports, and discussions, enhancing both verbal and written skills. They also require active listening and conflict resolution, making you a more confident and effective communicator.
  • PoRs also help you develop leadership skills. As a team leader, you make strategic decisions and motivate others. You gain experience in delegation, time management, and conflict resolution. Handling challenges and projects builds your resilience and confidence, making you a stronger leader. These skills are valuable for consulting and product management roles and enhance your CV.
  • They are simply just fun! PoRs enable you to explore things that you would normally not do. For instance, host interactive games, pitch your ideas, negotiate with sponsors, conduct interviews, and lead panel discussions.