Chemical as a Branch

The syllabus of Chemical Engineering really appealed to me, could someone please elaborate on real world opportunities in it; job opportunities and freedom to pursue other interests in it!?

Career opportunities in chemical engineering are diverse and span various industries. Graduates can work in chemical manufacturing, focusing on process design, optimization, and production management. In pharmaceuticals, they can engage in research and development, production, and quality control. The energy and petrochemical sectors also offer roles in refining, extraction, and energy management. You can read the placement statistics here: AskIITM | For JEE Aspirants | Placement 2023 data

Additionally, chemical engineers can pursue careers in consulting, and academia or research.

IITM also allows students to take electives, minors and do an IDDD. You can read about the new academic flexibility initiatives here: What are the new initiatives at IIT Madras in 2024?