Does IITM offer minor programs and how useful are they?

Thanks to its flexible curriculum, IITM offers minor programs in various fields. A minor is obtained when a student does a minimum of 4 courses from the set of courses offered in a particular field. Minors cannot be from the same branch that the student is majoring in.

For example, if a student chooses four courses in Economics, they are conferred an Economics Minor. They can also choose from other fields, ranging from sociology, philosophy, and economics to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Here is a complete list of various minor courses: Approved Minor List

Having a minor can be very helpful during placements and when making career plans. They also provide added advantages and flexibility when deciding on higher studies. Sometimes, a combination (such as mechanical + economics) is great at helping students become even more specialized in certain roles. Of late, we’ve seen interesting major-minor combinations sought after by recruiters.

Apart from the placement point of view, if students are interested in a stream that they are not majoring in, and want it to reflect in their degree, pursuing a minor is the best option.