Course Internship and Placement

Hi there… I want to know about what is the internship opportunities and placements after BS DEGREE in Data Science and Application…?
After that college life… can I join hostel there in the first semester…? Any senior/ mentor if you are reading this post please reply…


IIT Madras has announced that it will actively reach out to recruiters regarding placement opportunities for the online BSc degree program graduates. Top students are provided placement support and soft skills training. Students are also offered chances to work with IITM faculty on research projects. Furthermore, IITM has also established a separate placement cell for online BSc students, which provides placement and career guidance. The Industry Interaction Cell, set up as part of the program, will aim to facilitate collaborations for internship and recruitment. The BSc students also organized their first cultural and technical fest, Paradox 2022, on campus from May 20, 2022, to May 22, 2022, where more than 2000 students interacted with faculty and industry professionals to learn about internships and placement opportunities in Programming and Data Science.

Due to the limitations of campus facilities and students being spread out geographically, learners enrolled in the program will not have access to IITM campus facilities.

More information about the program can be accessed here .

Happy learning!

Hello Can you please help me one more time…

Have a look into this snapshot… do I need to pay both.?