What is the online BSc program in Data Science? What are the benefits? What are the job prospects?

IITM offers an online BSc program in Programming and Data Science. It is an incredible and unique attempt to make the academic qualities of IITM accessible to a wide variety of students through an online medium. Unlike other courses (such as BTech or MA) at IITM, the online BSc program does not require one to pass JEE but rather allows its participants to access 4 weeks of online classes before letting them continue based on the results of a qualifying exam.

The eligibility criteria for the programme is passing Std XII (any stream, so it is open to students of commerce / arts / science / law / medicine / engg / other streams). The course has multiple entry and exit points with three different stages in this program - Foundation, Diploma and Degree. Students can receive a certificate after completion of either a foundation-level course, two diplomas after the completion of second-level courses, or a BSc degree after completion of the final-level courses.

IITM offers 3 terms a year to truly award the learner a flexible learning experience and thus, opens up the program to students from multiple backgrounds, such as students already enrolled in another degree program, high school graduates, or even working professionals. The course promises strict academic rigour with in-person proctored quizzes and end term exams conducted at centres across the country.

Apart from the value of the IITM brand, the newly founded online BSc and future BS degree program provides students with several opportunities for career advancement. As IITM itself stated, there is an exponential demand for well-trained programmers and data scientists. The lectures by experienced faculty, the mentor-led interactive sessions and peer study groups, along with the flexible nature of the course allows students to enrich their skills and prepare for employment in the field of their choice.

IIT Madras has announced that it will actively reach out to the recruiters in the context of placement opportunities for the graduates of the online BSc degree program. Top students are provided placement support and soft skills training. Students are also offered chances to work with IITM faculty on research projects. Furthermore, IITM has also established a separate placement cell for online BSc students which provides placement and career guidance. The Industry Interaction Cell, set up as part of the program, will aim to facilitate collaborations for internship and recruitment. In fact, the BSc students also organised their first cultural and technical fest, Paradox 2022, on campus from May 20, 2022 to May 22, 2022 where more than 2000 students interacted with faculty and industry professionals to learn about internships and placement opportunities in Programming and Data Science.

More information about the program can be accessed here.