Data Science and AI Placements

As Data science and AI is a new department, how are the placements going to be. Will students have common placements with rest of the students in CS or other branches or this department going to have separate placement cell.

What you think of placements for this branch in future ? Same as CS or better or worse ?

The placement process will be the same for all B.Tech. students. You can read more about placements at IITM here:

Computer Science is a vast area. It comprises 3 major divisions - theoretical computer science, computer systems, and typically AI. Over the years, AI has grown to be an interdisciplinary field requiring background in multiple areas and also domain expertise in the area of application. This has necessitated a separate AI program.
A CS program equips students to work in areas, such as computer architecture, theory of computing, cryptography, and software engineering. However, the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly expanding, and AI jobs are becoming available in a variety of fields beyond computing, including finance, pharmaceuticals, and design. Graduates of the AI and Data Analytics (AIDA) program will be highly sought after for positions that require AI expertise. As technology advances, these roles will become increasingly prevalent and offer better compensation.

Hope that helps!