I am very passionate about computers and started programming at an early age.

(1) Let’s say if I don’t get CS or other related branches. Then What can IITM offer to me(like LABS, COMPUTING POWER, INCUBATION,…) if I am in other branch. Can I access CS/AI/ML related labs if I am in other branch.

(2) Is it easy to reach professors of CS dept from other branch to get some guidance in AI/ML fields.

(3) Do companies hiring for AI/ML/Data science/Research/SDE/SWE role open to other branch students also? If I satisfy the required knowledge criteria.

(4) HFT firms only hire exclusively CS/MATH students. Can a nonCS student apply for Quant research roles(IF I AM HAVING REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE).


  1. You could take electives in the CS department and pursue a minor in CS. Yes, all students can access the High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities, irrespective of their branch.
  2. Yes, IITM professors are always open to speaking to students.
  3. Yes, some companies hire for these roles from other branches too. You can check the Placement report 2022-23 for more information.
  4. Yes, non-CS students can apply for quant roles.

Hope that helps!

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It was very helpful. Thank you.

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