Does IITM offer Biotechnology UG courses? What is the scope for it?

If you want to work on shaping the future of healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability, welcome to the Department of Biotechnology, where innovation meets the complexities of living systems, unlocking solutions to various challenges faced by humanity!

The Department of Biotechnology at IIT Madras

Inaugurated in 2006 and housed in the Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences, the department offers one of the finest Biotechnology programs in the country with state-of-the-art research facilities and a vision to make an impact in multiple fields.

The Department of Biotechnology offers two UG programs:

  • BS in Biological Sciences
  • B.Tech in Biological Engineering

Both streams are research-oriented with a strong emphasis on modern biology to make the student ready for the latest cutting-edge research in the field of Biotechnology with extensive practical laboratory training. The programs are broad-based, imparting knowledge on different areas of the biology-engineering interface. Admission to the programs requires students to qualify the JEE Advanced exam with a competitive rank.

Note - The dual degrees in Biological Engineering (B.Tech + M.Tech) and Biological Sciences (BS + MS) will NOT be offered from 2023.

Useful Links

You can visit the branch website here.

  • For information on the placements from Biotech department, visit here.
  • The curriculum for Biological Engineering (B. Tech) can be found here.
  • The curriculum for Biological Sciences (BS) can be found here.

Scope for Biotechnology

Biotechnology holds vast potential, offering significant implications in diverse sectors such as healthcare and disease treatments, food processing, environmental sustainability, agriculture and crop yield improvement, and bioinformatics. Students gain expertise in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology. A Biotechnology degree opens avenues as a Scientist, Researcher, or Entrepreneur. Students can also specialize in areas like Protein Engineering and Nanotechnology.

The next few decades will be marked by discoveries in life sciences and IIT Madras will be at the forefront, putting bio-technologists in great demand globally as this renaissance takes shape.