How big are the IITM hostel rooms? Do we have to share rooms? Are there attached restrooms?

The hostel rooms are accordingly sized for single, double, and triple occupancies. Students can have various expectations of their rooms - some being fancy and others, ordinary. But the right advice would be to have neither, as the rooms are simple, neat and enough for a student.

In the first year, students are required to share rooms, the freshie hostels being the recently constructed Mandakini (for boys) and Swarnamukhi (for girls). Each student will share their room with two others, welcoming the first roomies of their life. Upon entry, it is their responsibility to maintain the room. While the cleaning staff takes care of corridors, floors, and bathrooms, students are responsible for cleaning their rooms. The second year will require them to share the room with one more student - double occupancy; from the third year, they get their own rooms.

The rooms DO NOT have attached restrooms. Every hostel has shared restrooms on each floor with a bunch of toilets, urinals, and showers. They are well-kept and are situated close to every wing for easy accessibility.

What are your thoughts on hostel rooms?