Tell me about all the hostels at IIT Madras

IIT Madras is a residential institute offering accommodation for all students who opt for it across 20 hostels named after India’s major rivers. There are 15 hostels for male students and 5 for female students.

First-year undergraduates are provided sharing-style accommodation, while senior undergraduates may receive single, double, or triple rooms, depending on the hostel. Postgraduate students have options for sharing or single rooms.

Provided below are the details regarding every hostel of IIT Madras -

  1. Mandakini A & B -

It is the male freshie hostel, which only consists of shared rooms. Mandakini is renowned for its height, amazing views and amenities. All students are provided with either a two-person or three-person sharing room, which are spacious and comfortable. Mandakini was recently built and consists of several amenities such as multiple laundry rooms in every wing of every floor, badminton courts, reading rooms, common rooms, etc.

  1. Cauvery -

Cauvery Hostel is considered as the sophomore hostel, once being the freshman hostel before Mandakini’s inauguration, and like Mandakini is well known for its comfort and amenities. Inside the hostel are multiple playgrounds, mini football fields, a batting cage, and along with it, multiple laundry rooms, common rooms, etc. While Mandakini stands out because of its architectural significance, Cauvery is where every student gets exposed to the vibes of hostel life.

  1. Brahmaputra -

Like Cauvery, Brahmaputra is also a sophomore hostel, smaller in size but equally comfortable and vibeful. Brahmaputra is secluded from most other hostels, located behind Tapti Hostel, and is renowned for the closeness and camaraderie of its residents. Brahmaputra is currently undergoing renovations, and also contains a well maintained kitchen and music room.

  1. Alaknanda -

Alaknanda is the hostel situated closest to the Taramani Gate of IIT Madras. Alaknanda contains the same facilities as the previously mentioned hostels, and stands out because of its cleanliness and hostel vibes.

  1. Ganga -

Located just a few metres away from Mandakini, Ganga is one of the cleanest and most comfortable hostels to reside in. On account of its recent renovation, Ganga residents find themselves with updated washroom facilities, more amenities, and fewer monkeys, making the hostel an old gem repolished.

  1. Jamuna -

Jamuna, located parallel to the Ganga Hostel, is a sharer of the same fate. Recently renovated, Jamuna is a very clean hostel, with several amenities, but unlike Ganga, is also filled with monkeys around the building.

  1. Godavari -

Another recently renovated hostel, Godavari shares all the characteristics previously mentioned. But unlike the other hostels, Godavari is privileged in being located near the Himalaya Mess and Food Court, increasing its desirability.

  1. Krishna -

Krishna has the unique feature of being located in very close proximity to the Nilgiri Mess, and also contains beautiful gardens and a park inside it.

  1. Narmada -

Narmada Hostel might not have been renovated as of yet, and it might not contain the same amount of amenities, but is renowned for its passionate cultural representation in inter-hostel events, and is also located just opposite to the Rotterman Food Truck, which provide its residents with cheap food options far late at night.

  1. Saraswati -

Saraswati Hostel is not just renovated, or clean, or filled with amenities, but is also located in the prime spot opposite to Quark (consists of Zaitoon and a hangout spot) facing the Sangam grounds. Students can travel from their rooms at Saras to grab a bite, watch part of a football game and then travel to Taramani Gate, and be done within a span of five minutes.

  1. Tapti -

Tapti Hostel, while housing the same amenities and facilities, sets itself apart with two unique characteristics - i) Air Conditioned Common Room & ii) Cycle Repair Shop. Having these in such close proximity allows Tapti residents to enjoy their stay during the hot days of summer when it’s impossible to stay outside, and during the rainy seasons when it’s impossible to travel to repair your cycle. Tapti also houses its own gymnasium.

  1. Tamiraparani / Sindhu / Pampa / Mahanadhi -

Designated as the “Tower Hostels”, these hostels specifically house graduate students, and only consist of single rooms for each resident, allowing them to focus on their studies while enjoying their own personal space.

  1. Swarnamukhi -

Like Mandakini, Swarnamuhi is a recently-constructed fresher’s hostel, only housing first-year female students. Swarnamukhi is renowned for its amenities, its cleanliness, its proximity to CLT, the Central Library, Cafe Coffee Day, Ellora Hangout Spot, and the Ajanta Reading Room Extension.

  1. Sharavati -

Opposite to USHA Cafe and close to Vindhya Mess, Sharavati stands as another culturally enriched hostel, with history of successful inter-hostel participations and enjoys several amenities like the aforementioned hostels.

  1. Tunga / Bhadra -

Two “Tower Hostels”, located just opposite to the Cauvery Mess, near Nilgiri Mess, Tunga & Bhadra, house both graduate and senior undergraduate students, who all enjoy living in single rooms, and are accustomed to several facilities and amenities.

  1. Sabarmati -

Housing specifically female graduate students and researchers, Sabarmati is located in close proximity to the Open Air Theatre, and USHA Cafe, providing its residents with both sources of sustenance and entertainment.

The hostel rooms have essential furniture: a table, chair, shelf, bed frame (mattress not included), and an almirah for storage. Each room features an overhead fan, multiple lights, and a high-speed LAN network with multiple ports for shared accommodations. Students must purchase their own LAN cables.

Common restrooms are available on each floor. A cluster of 7-8 rooms shares washing machines, both automatic and semi-automatic. Students are responsible for their own laundry and room maintenance. While cleaning staff maintain common areas, including restrooms, corridors, and floors, students must clean their own rooms. Hostel management is available to assist with pre-existing issues with dirt or paint. Most hostels also feature 24/7 vending machines. For any concerns, students can contact the hostel manager, who is committed to ensuring prompt resolution.