How can I intern at IITM Research Park?

Interning at IITM Research Park (IITM RP) can be an exciting way to kickstart your career and gain experience in a cutting-edge research environment.

If you’re a student at IITM, you will often find your student mail inbox filled with internship opportunities at startups within IITM RP. This allows you to directly apply for positions that align with your interests.

You can also visit the official IITM RP website for a more holistic view of the ongoing work. Here, you might find listed opportunities or get information on how to contact the companies directly. Additionally, most IITM RP companies are open to discussing potential opportunities and their research with students from the institute. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to them or even visit the IITM RP in person to discuss possible internship roles.

Leveraging your network can also significantly enhance your chances of securing an internship. Many professors, alumni or even some of your seniors are likely to have ties with IITM RP. They can help connect you with companies in IITM RP for internships. So, networking from your early days in the institute can also go a long way and help you secure internships at IITM RP.