How do I withdraw/cancel my registration from BS-ES online degree?

I think the title is pretty self explanatory, though I’d also like to know if the BS is allowed to be undertaken simultaneously with another B.Tech in another institute?

Regarding the withdrawal, I called the ES online department twice but nobody picked up. It’s been over 24 hours since i sent an email as well but have to yet recieve a callback or a reply to my email. Is there any way i can quickly complete my unenrolment?

Hello there,

Some students do another parallel degree while some opt for the IITM BS degree exclusively. There is no necessity to go for another parallel degree as the BS degree itself equips students with the necessary skillsets for taking up roles in leading technological firms. But, some students wish to experience an on-campus college life, which is also very important. The BS program is designed to be flexible, so if you are a student already engaged in a parallel degree or a working professional, the BS program will not hinder that.

Due to the large quantity of emails received, the department may take some time to respond to your email. But be assured that you will receive a reply within a reasonable time frame.

Hope that answers your questions!

Hey Ayesha,

Thanks for your reply. I’m however concerned that certain institutions may not take kindly to this, and as such do not wish to take any chanced. It would be veey helpful if you could point me the right way in getting me unenrolled from the BS-ES program.

I have been asking same question through email channel and i never got a direct response from supporting team. Also I made several calls to the number provided and nobody is answering the calls.

There is an option on the portal to cancel the registration. The students could alternatively write to and they will be able to deregister through a form.

Hope that helps!

We’re sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused.

You can refer to this answer. Hope that helps!

I can’t find the option on the portal. Is there a guide or any way you can tell me more?

Unfortunately, at AskIITM, we are not equipped to answer application-related questions. This has to be taken up with the official body. You need to email Their reply may be delayed due to the annual BS event (which ends on 2nd June).