Is it mandatory for all IITM students to stay in the hostel?

At IIT Madras, students can choose between being hostellers or day scholars. Generally, students seek accommodation in hostels, but there is an option for students who wish to seek exemption from residence in the hostels. Here’s what you need to know:

Day Scholars: Students who want to be day scholars must apply separately each semester. The application should be submitted online in the prescribed format to the Dean of Students. You can find the application format here.

Hostel Exemptions: Students who are granted exemption from hostel residency are still expected to pay Hostel Establishment “A” to the Institute. The Hostel Establishment “A” covers patient health insurance and the amount may vary from year to year.

Postgraduate Students: Married students, research scholars, and QIP (Quality Improvement Program) scholars have the opportunity to avail quarters on campus instead of staying in the hostels. Students from these categories may have to pay rental/establishment charges to the Institute.

So, there is no compulsion to stay in a hostel. However, the benefits of doing so are many:

  • More peer interaction.
  • Easier access to institute facilities - sports, clubs, labs, professors and more.
  • Teaches self-reliance and discipline.
  • Better study environment.
  • Friend circles, birthday parties, binge-watches, gossip, and life discussions.

College years would be incomplete without a hostel life, wouldn’t it?