Mentor fee issue

Kindly look into the snapshot.
It shows payment for mentorship or something else… Do I need to pay for both…?

hi, have u registered for the foundational level

What do you mean…? If I haven’t registered for foundation level why & how that window will open…?

Hello Ankush,

The mentor-mentee program is optional, so only the students who want mentors can apply and get a senior BS student as a mentor.

Hope that helps!

Thank You for your response… Since I pay the amount unknowingly… I don’t know if it can be refunded or not on my request…But I want to know one thing for sure that is why the fee has increased…?

i have completed the qualifier in 2023 and registered in may 2024 but it shows not subscribed redirecting to dashboard when i click on the course. i am asking if u have the same issue

Yes I have the same issue… class will commence from today… but till now there are no updates regarding it… I have sent 2 e-mails to the support team but they haven’t responded…

Unfortunately, at AskIITM, we are not equipped to answer application-related questions. This has to be taken up with the official body. Have you emailed Their reply may be delayed due to the annual BS event (which ends on 2nd June).