What are HTRA and HTTA for post-graduate students at IIT Madras?

The institute offers a Half-time Teaching/Research Assistantship scheme that is applicable to research scholars who are enrolled in M.S/Ph.D programs.

Eligibility: Students who have qualified for the GATE examination are eligible for the scheme.

Stipend: For M.S scholars, the stipend amount is Rs. 12,400 per month for the first two years and an additional 6 months upon specific recommendation by the GTC. Ph.D. scholars shall receive Rs 31,000 per month for the first two years and Rs 35,000 per month for the next three years. Project associates get their stipend based on the qualifications they hold.

Responsibilities: HTTA students are required to assist the department with 8 hours of work per week related to academic activities of the department, such as laboratory demonstration, tutorials, evaluation of assignments, test papers, seminars, research projects, etc.

The renewal of assistantship every semester is contingent on enrolment, satisfactory progress in research work, and good performance during the preceding semester in the discharge of responsibility as a teaching/ research assistant.