What are the healthcare facilities at IIT Madras?

IIT Madras believes in providing easily accessible and standardized healthcare to all its students. Apart from the fully functioning Institute Hospital, all hostels have basic first aid. General hospital services, tests, and prescribed medicines can be availed for free by the students. In case of health issues restraining one from attending classes or exams, one can go to the Institute hospital and get a medical certificate issued for the same to provide for the absence from lectures.

Institute Hospital: The Institute Hospital has 24/7 services for handling students’ general health issues. In addition to general practitioners, there is a team of visiting specialists that includes an orthopedic doctor, cardiologist, psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, general surgeon, and ENT surgeon. All diagnostic laboratories, X-ray facilities, and in-patient rooms are well-equipped, and an ambulance facility is also accessible. The hospital’s pharmacy is managed by Apollo Hospital.

MITR: MITR provides peer counseling to students in distress. It is an agency run by trained professionals who help students cope with their stress and restore their mental health.

The students are covered under medical insurance by paying a premium and an additional medical fee every semester.

The institute leaves no stone unturned to consistently improve the healthcare facilities. Some of the future visions for the healthcare infrastructure are as follows:

  • An improved and well-equipped emergency room, casualty & ambulance service for quick response in case of emergencies.
  • Expanded pharmacy with an adequate inventory of preventive & corrective medication.
  • Upgradation of the gynecology department & the physiotherapy department for the benefit of patients in need.
  • Advanced diagnostic facilities.

IIT Madras provides quality healthcare to address basic illnesses of students. In case of major health issues, the Institute is in a prime location and students can be taken to multispeciality hospitals under a duration of 20-30 minutes.

IIT Madras takes every step to ensure good health and well-being of its students.