What is the Department of Medical Sciences & Technology at IIT Madras?

The Department of Medical Sciences & Technology at IIT Madras, established in 2023, bridges the gap between medical science and engineering to transform clinical practice. By offering a unique perspective to both clinicians and engineers, the department fosters a new approach to healthcare innovation.

IIT Madras’s four-year BS Programme in Medical Sciences & Engineering is an interdisciplinary course designed to integrate medicine and engineering. Students will engage in hospital internships, combining theory with practice, and will learn from both medical and engineering faculty. The program offers specialisations in emerging areas such as Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, new device development, drug discovery, medical image analysis, and digital twins.

For those looking to delve deeper, our PhD Programme for Doctors is a pioneering initiative aimed at developing Physician-Scientists. This program allows clinicians to conduct in-depth research, either independently or with engineering support, tailored to their unique interests and clinical experiences. Thus, the Department of Medical Sciences & Technology at IIT Madras provides an exciting opportunity for students and professionals to innovate and lead in the evolving field of healthcare.