Branch change from BS to

Can I apply for a branch change from a newly launched BS in medical science and technology to any B.Tech or any other available courses at IIT Madras?

Hello there! IITM has removed the branch change system, so you cannot branch change from BS in Medical Science & Technology to other B.Tech. programs. To read more about the reason for this decision and what students can do instead, check this post.

If you wish to explore careers outside your branch, there are numerous options in the form of electives, minors, and Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (IDDD) programs. In addition to that, IITM students, who are curious about a new field or want acquire new skills, attend summer schools and undertake internships.

Furthermore, IIT Madras is launching many student-friendly initiatives, including courses in entrepreneurship, minors in all departments, elective-only semesters, that will encourage more students to learn outside their core domain and exert academic flexibility even without branch change.

Hey there @Ayesha Ayesha thank you for replying. I can’t find any official notice about cancellation of branche change in IITM, also about the new BS Medical science and engineering. So from 2024 IITM won’t have branch change.

I have few queries about that hope you or anyone else can he me to clear it!

  1. I heard IITM allows students to select 40% of their course I guess that excluded minors. Will the same applicable to the newly added BS Medical science and Engineering?

  2. Also is it possible to do IDDD program with this newly added course?

The official notice about the branch change will be announced soon.

About your queries:

  1. BS Medical Science & Engineering students can choose 126 of the 428 credits required. You can check the curriculum here.
  2. Since the course was started only two years back, the students in the Medical Science & Engineering department have not reached the point of converting to IDDD, but the department is open to supporting the students in exploring the possibility of converting into an IDDD program.

Hope that answers your questions!

Hey there @Ayesha !
Thank you but it would be nice if we talk about this in other platform cuz this is taking too long also I don’t have time and I don’t understand these kinds of stuff so I would hope you could help me sister! I will be once again wait for your reply. I should have mentioned this in earlier post, is it possible to do by IDDD program…

We understand and apologize for the reply time. It took us longer than usual to get back to you since we had to connect with professors to give accurate information. We assure you shorter revert times from now on.

Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (IDDD) is a five-year program, at the end, the student is awarded a B.Tech. and an M.Tech. If a BS in Medical Science and Technology student converts to an IDDD in their fifth semester, they would be awarded a BS and an M.Tech. upon completion. To read more about IDDD, check this article.

Good luck!

Thank you so much @Ayesha,

This information really helped me to get in a track to be in IITM after my medical recovery. My last query is electives and IDDD subject choices is same for all the students no matter what degree they hold (includes BS and

At IITM, you have different categories of electives:

  • Professional electives: Every department has its own set of professional electives, from which the student can choose according to their interests and career goals.
  • Humanities electives: All undergraduate students at IITM are required to do 27 humanities electives, this number might be different for your course so check the curriculum on your department website. The set of humanities electives offered to all students is the same, irrespective of their department.
  • Science electives: Courses from the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics departments are considered science electives. They are open to students from all departments.
  • IDDD electives: Every IDDD stream has its electives, which you can check in the curriculum. So all students in a particular IDDD stream have the choice to choose their IDDD electives from the same set of courses irrespective of their Bachelor’s stream.

Hope that answers your question!