Queries about new BS Medical science and engineering course

Hey they I’ve heard that IITM discontinued the branch change option in 2024 l. And regarding I don’t find any documents related and IITM didn’t mentioned it officially. Anyway I have few queries about that hope you or anyone else can he me to clear it!

  1. I heard IITM allows students to select around 50% of their course I guess that excluded minors. Will the same applicable to the newly added BS Medical science and Engineering?

  2. Also is it possible to do IDDD program (Specially an M.tech dual degree) with this newly added course?

Hello there!

Refer to this answer - Branch change from BS to B.tech - #4 by Ayesha

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I think there is some confusion here. Let me try to clarify

The BS Medical Science and Engineering is a residential program for which admission is via IAT. Afaik, same elective rules apply for them as for BTech via JoSAA

The BS-DS and BS-ES are offered by iitm -study.iitm.ac.in - elective rules don’t apply.

Other moderators can reconfirm this please