What does the Engineering Physics course offer?

Do you have an eye for pure science, and also want to equip yourself with engineering skills while pursuing research? If yes, then Engineering Physics is tailor-made for you!

What is Engineering Physics?

A perfect blend of Electrical Engineering and Physics, Engineering Physics focuses on the application of physics to solve technological and engineering challenges. The Branch aims to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical engineering applications through analysis, research, and design. With a rigorous focus on scientific methods, it leads to the design, application, and development of new solutions in engineering systems. Topics such as electricity and magnetism, mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum science, optics, and material science are covered, providing the necessary fundamentals in each.

What are the applications of Engineering Physics?

Engineering physics finds its applications across various industries, including research and development in aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, energy, materials engineering, and nanotechnology. You will find people working on the development of new electronic devices, design and analysis of energy systems, modeling and simulation of complex systems, design and optimization of new materials, and much more. It is a fundamental discipline that has applications in almost every other field, as evident.

Engineering Physics at IIT Madras

Established in 1959, the branch consists of faculty with expertise across various disciplines of traditional and emerging physics, working on problems of foundational and applied interest. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that students get their fundamentals right in various aspects of theoretical and applied physics, along with concepts taught in electrical engineering. The main vision of the department is to train physicists to excel in various sectors for the future. The faculty have also contributed to research in frontier areas by being a part of several centers of excellence helmed by IIT Madras.

Here are some of the courses from the program:

Electric Circuits & Networks Statistical Physics and Applications
Introduction to Mathematical Physics Solid State Devices
Electromagnetics and Applications Principles of Quantum Mechanics

The department also features some of the best labs in the country, with lab courses in the curriculum such as Analog Systems and Lab and four engineering physics labs. Various areas of research are in progress currently, which you can view here. The department is also known for its work in several centers of excellence spanning from material science to biological matter.

You can view more about the curriculum across semesters, the placements, Alumni-talks and other information here.

Scope of the program

Engineering Physics is a bachelor’s program that is one of a kind. Its fusion of science and engineering makes it a refreshing course in contrast to the more routine engineering programs. Apart from career perspectives, it also caters to the students’ thirst for science. Talking about career opportunities, Engineering Physics offers a lot. After Higher studies, a career in teaching can be pursued at an esteemed university. Students can work as physicists in the R&D department of several companies across sectors. If you feel that Physics aligns with your passion, then pursuing Engineering Physics here at one of the best institutes in the country is the ideal decision for you to make!

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