What is CFI? What are the clubs and teams in CFI?

The Centre for Innovation (CFI) at IIT Madras is a dynamic and vibrant hub that fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Established with the vision to act as a platform for nurturing student-run projects and initiatives, it provides state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with a collaborative ecosystem for students, researchers and faculty alike. Through workshops, bootcamps, hackathons and innovation challenges, the center aims to inspire the IITM community to think outside the box. Based at Sudha and Shankar Innovation Hub, the centre currently includes 13 clubs and 4 competitive teams.


From AI club, to Electronics and Product Design club, there is something to pique everyone’s interest. Clubs help students develop their hands-on technical skills while also giving them the creative freedom to tackle interesting and pressing issues of the world. Clubs are generally structured with Volunteers at the base, followed by Deputy Coordinators, Coordinators and ultimately, Club Heads all the way at the top of the pyramid. Clubs embody the centre’s ‘walk in with an idea, walk out with a product’ philosophy. Strong industry connections, guidance from faculty and a sense of entrepreneurship has led to the development of numerous startups from CFI. The clubs at CFI are:

Competitive Teams

The competitive teams at IIT Madras not only represent the institute in global competitions and innovation challenges but also represent the country. With some of the most talented and capable minds in the world, teams build to win. From electric race cars, to autonomous vehicles, to Mars rover and hyperloops, the teams address challenges that the world faces today and offer innovative solutions. With immense sponsorship from industry leaders, teams participate in national and international competitions and gain a podium finish. Competitive teams help students develop not only technical, but also very strong collaborative skills. The competitive teams at CFI are:

To sustain and foster the various clubs and competitive teams, CFI has world class infrastructure, from large open workspaces, to provision of industrial tools and equipment to allow students to bring their ideas to life instantly. To know more about CFI and its various organs, click here.