What are the different cultural and technical clubs on the campus? How many can we join? What kinds of activities are conducted by them?

You’ll be swamped with extra-curricular options at IITM. The good news is - there’s no limit on the number of clubs or activities you can be part of. The bad news is - you’ll have a tough time picking what to be part of.

Cultural Clubs: Cultural clubs are clubbed under a single umbrella body - Sangam. The following clubs come under sangam:

  • Drama
  • Music
  • Choreography
  • Fine arts
  • Comedy
  • Oratory
  • E-sports
  • Informal
  • Word games
  • Media
  • Writing
  • Quiz
  • Design and VFX
  • Lifestyle
  • Classical arts

These clubs handle events of their category in fests like Saarang. They have events all around the year, and they also participate in competitions, representing IIT Madras. In case you want to start your own club or interest group, the institute will support you and help you set it up.

Technical Clubs: Centre for Innovation is currently the largest entity with the tech-clubs working inside.

  • 3D printing Club
  • Aero Club
  • Electronics Club
  • Horizon Club
  • iBot Club
  • Product Design Club
  • Programming Club
  • Team Sahaay
  • Team Envisage
  • Webops and Blockchain Club
  • AI Club
  • Biotech Club
  • Mathematics Club

Competition Teams: CFI also houses some renowned competition teams like:

  • Anveshak - A team making rovers that scale harsh terrains.
  • Abhiyaan - A team that builds Intelligent Autonomous Ground Vehicles.
  • Avishkar - A team building the Hyperloop Pod as the fifth mode of transport.
  • Team - the Student Formula Racing Club of IIT Madras and among the best student teams in the country!
  • Abhyuday - The rocket-building community.
  • Agnirath - A team that builds solar cars.

Activities conducted by them: Each club oversees multiple projects with a team of students working on them. The objective is to showcase these projects at the Open House, an annual event attended by professors, industry personnel, and the media. Some projects even aim for patent acquisition. Additionally, the clubs also organize multiple events, sessions, and competitions for the students of IIT Madras within the campus. Summer schools are conducted during the vacations, making every club’s work accessible to everyone!