What are cultural activities at IITM? Are they compulsory? How can I join?

Cultural activities at IIT Madras encompass a wide range of clubs, organisations, events and initiatives that celebrate creative expression. These activities are not compulsory for students but are encouraged as they provide avenues for personal growth, creativity, and social interaction beyond academic pursuits. Cultural Activities in IIT Madras generally encompass two organisations - Sangam & Saarang.

Sangam is the official cultural body of IIT Madras. Housed within it are 16 different clubs that cater to the wide variety of interest areas of our student community.

  1. Drama Club
  2. Music Club
  3. Choreography Club
  4. Fine Arts Club
  5. Comedy Club
  6. Oratory Club
  7. E-Sports Club
  8. Informal Club
  9. Word Games Club
  10. Media Club
  11. Writing Club
  12. Quiz Club
  13. Design & VFX Club
  14. Fashion Club
  15. Culinary Club
  16. Classical Arts Club

These clubs organise and manage events of their category all around the year, and they also participate in competitions, representing IIT Madras. You can join in as an organising member - Convenor/Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator, or you can join as a Contingent member to participate in competitions.

Saarang, the annual cultural festival of IIT Madras is the largest student-run festival in India and the second oldest college festival in India. There are a total of eleven verticals in Saarang:

  1. Sponsorship & PR
  2. Professional Shows
  3. Finance
  4. Facilities & Requirements
  5. Marketing & Sales
  6. Media, Ambience & Design
  7. Safety and Security
  8. Publicity and Hospitality
  9. Quality Management System
  10. Development Operations
  11. Events - Encompasses all Sangam clubs, and is managed by Sangam teams during Saarang.

Selections for Contingent or Managerial positions for each of these clubs/verticals are held. In order to join as an organising member, you might have to go through an application process and/or an interview. Contingent selections are done separately.