What is Inter-IIT Culturals?

The Inter IIT Cultural Meet is the largest showcase of cultural talent across the country, where students from all 23 IITs come together to participate in various cultural activities such as dance, music, drama, literature, fine arts, and more. It provides a platform for students to interact, compete, and celebrate the diversity of talents within the IIT community. This event aims to allow some of the brightest minds in India to display their skills and achieve distinction by participating in a plethora of events that enrich the cultural sphere of IITs.

In contrast to the well-established Inter IIT Sports Meet, which has seen 53 editions, and the Inter IIT Tech Meet, with 12 editions so far (and the most recent one being hosted by IIT Madras), the Inter IIT Cultural Meet is a relatively new addition to the club, with the most recent one at IIT Kharagpur being the 6th edition of the meet. However, it is gradually making its mark.

IIT Madras has a rich legacy at the Inter IIT Cultural Meet. In the most recent edition of Cultural Meet, the IITM contingent was announced as the winner of the Quiz Cup and the second runners-up of the Literary Arts Cup. The Inter IIT Cultural Meet 5.0, featuring around 3,200 students from various IITs, was held at IIT Madras in January 2023. This was the first cultural meet held after a break of two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with hosting, the IITM contingent had a podium finish, and they won the Literary Arts Cup.

The Inter-IIT contingent selections are open to the General Student Body (GSB) with each Sangam club conducting auditions for their respective contingent and events. Selections for various Inter-IIT contingents usually commence in early October, followed by months of meticulous preparation until the final event in December.

Outside the Inter-IIT Cultural Meet, various cultural contingents from IITM have gone on to win the highest number of tournaments so far at multiple events including Mood Indigo, Nihilanth, Festember, Pravega, Riviera, just to name a few.