What is the Inter-IIT Tech Meet?

About the Tech Meet:

The Inter IIT Tech Meet is a pan-IIT technical contest, which witnesses students across various IITs in the country working to come up with impactful solutions to problems that could impact millions. India is currently facing unprecedented challenges, and the best way to overcome these challenges is by bringing together the most innovative and ingenious minds. The Tech Meet is truly a colloquium of the best minds across the country.

Vision and Past Sponsors:

The Inter IIT Tech Meet has been a platform for the brightest minds in technology from the premier IITs to come together and solve real-world problems. During the Inter IIT Tech Meet, companies usually provide challenging problem statements to the IITs, who build teams to work on these for some time before finally showcasing them at the final offline Meet. Some of the Tech Meet’s previous sponsors include DRDO, ISRO, Adobe, WorldQuant, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch, Silicon Labs, to name a few.


The first edition of the Inter IIT Tech Meet was held in 2012. Since then, it has morphed into the most awaited technical event for all the IITs. In recent years, the Meet has gained prominence with its ever-growing participants’ fierce dedication and efforts. IIT Madras hosted the most recent (12th) edition of the Tech Meet, which had a footfall of nearly 2,000 students from all the 23 IITs. IIT Madras has a rich legacy, having had an overall podium finish once and a podium finish in several events each year. More notably, the AI Contingent from IITM has had consecutive podium finishes at the Tech Meet over the past three editions.

Events and Domains:

The various events at Inter IIT Tech Meet can be classified mainly into four categories:

  • High Prep: High Prep events constitute a formidable part of the Meet and have the maximum points attached. A typical High Prep event demands a highly skilled group of individuals working on multiple tasks for roughly 6-8 weeks.
  • Mid Prep: Mid prep events are more straightforward than high prep events, with a more focused yet challenging goal and a span of between 4 and 6 weeks.
  • Low Prep: Low Prep events require a set of individuals highly skilled in a particular domain. This fast-paced event poses a unique challenge, and the teams are given about 6-10 days to work.
  • No Prep: No Prep events require continuous efforts from the participants over 24 hours. Ideally, the participants are given a detailed problem statement when they arrive at the venue.

The problem statements (events) are also divided into various sub-domains like AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, Aeronautics, Quant, Entrepreneurship, and Product Development, among many others. With challenging problem statements in various emerging domains, the Tech Meet has also been quite successful at bridging the gap between industry and academia.