Techsoc at IITM

TechSoc, the Technical Society of IIT Madras, is a team aggregating the best of tech at IITM into a common platform & encouraging a collaborative environment for learning and tinkering. Founded in 2007, TechSoc aims to inspire the emotion of building competent technology solutions to solve society’s most problems, through various competitions and events. TechSoc is the place where innovation meets celebration, creativity meets possibilities, and teamwork meets collaborative projects. It provides a platform and inspires people to step on it through competitions, masterclasses, lectures and what not.

Techsoc is the launchpad for the co-curricular sphere in IIT Madras - from science & technology to entrepreneurship, TechSoc gets you started through competitions, workshops, etc. TechSoc conducts the Inter-hostel competitions (IHC), which has events ranging from drone-building to biz quiz to reverse coding to keep the enthusiasm & curiosity for tech high throughout the year. The IHC is more like a fest, where you explore, build, meet new people and represent your hostel. Winners of IHC also stand a chance to get featured in TechSoc’s hall of fame.

Another popular initiative of TechSoc in the past few years has been BuildSchool. Build School is TechSoc’s Initiative to help students build products, starting from ground zero. The aim at BuildSchool is to build actual working prototypes, not just powerpoints. In 10 weeks, 10 selected teams build 10 working prototypes with guidance from experts. TechSoc also invites experts throughout for various spotlight talks, build sessions and mentoring the selected teams. ‘The Kalam Papers’ is TechSoc’s blog, where the team has regularly posted technical content and resources to help students get started with Tech.

TechSoc also heads the selections for the Inter IIT Tech Meet contingent. During the Tech Meet, TechSoc helps the contingent out with resources and logistics for various problem statements. In short, TechSoc is the brain behind managing everything in Inter IIT Tech Meet, from contingent selections months before the Tech Meet to travel during the Tech Meet. Here is a link to the various projects built during Tech Meet with support throughout from TechSoc.