Does IIT Madras Have Inter-Hostel Cultural Competitions?

College life would be sparse without cultural events and competitions. IIT Madras has a vibrant cultural scene facilitated by the conglomeration of about 16 activity clubs called Sangam. You name it; we have it: dance, music, classical arts, drama, fashion, writing, oratory, fine arts, comedy, e-sports, quizzing, word games, media, design and VFX, and more.

What is LitSoc?

LitSoc is an epic year-long inter-hostel battle royale in all cultural activities conducted by the respective clubs. All the hostels go head to head throughout the academic year and battle it out with each other. By winning competitions with different points, the hostels aim to get the necessary particulars to take the LitSoc Cup home at the end of the year and be crowned champion. LitSoc stands for Literary Society. In its formative years, it started with only literary competitions, but with time, it grew bigger and brought under its wings multiple cultural competitions.

What makes LitSoc popular?

LitSoc took a slight hit with the online edition during the pandemic. However, the past year has witnessed a tremendous revival of the zeal of the competition. Around 40 events are planned per year. Flagged off by the most significant event combining a treasure hunt and a show of hostel solidarity called Queen of Sheba, the LitSoc competitions extend through the odd and even semesters. More events are planned in the odd semester compared to the even semester. Most individual events happen in the odd semester, while more group events are scheduled in the even semester. Winners of the events get certificates and medals, and the events are judged by experts of the art from outside. There have also been instances of students being offered a chance to perform outside after giving mesmerizing performances during LitSoc and winning the judges’ hearts. Some popular and evergreen events of LitSoc are Queen of Sheba, Hostel Choreo Night, Short-Film Making and Screening, Band Performances, and many more.

Does LitSoc foster hostel bonding and help forge friendships?

LitSoc is not just about winning a competition but about breathing in the “hostel feels,” as the Institute lingo goes. People who may not have even seen each other in the hostel might team up to win those precious points for the hostel to top the scoreboard and become inseparable in the process. The clubs and outreach committees spread the word about every event through club Instagram pages, Sangam Instagram pages, and especially the student mail through unique posters and official rulebooks. The drive to score the maximum for one’s hostel intensifies as LitSoc progresses. Freshers have special awards for being active throughout LitSoc and earning points for the hostel.

Why LitSoc?

LitSoc promotes the growth of art among the student community. People shed all apprehensions and try their hand at new activities to bag those participation points, if not more. Cheering for your hostels and screaming the hostels’ names during group events at the Student Activities Centre or any other venue is an exhilarating experience. Watching your hostel representatives go on stage to bring home the massive LitSoc Championship trophy is an experience that cannot be described in words. The love, the appreciation, and, most importantly, the bonds created during LitSoc are something every student of IIT Madras would cherish and look back fondly upon when they enter the wide world.