What is Saarang?

Ans: Saarang is the annual cultural festival of IIT Madras. It is also the largest student-run festival in India and the second oldest college festival in India.

Since its humble beginnings as Mardi Gras, the fest has set the standard for cultural festivals all over, with Saarang’s latest edition seeing 80,000 visitors from across the country partaking in the dynamic events over the course of 5 days.

Events which occur during Saarang include:

  1. Spotlight Lectures - Spotlight provides a platform for famous individuals from diverse fields to engage in interactive sessions, lectures and demonstrations and address the audience.
  2. Competitions - Competitive events are conducted throughout Saarang, with registration beginning in December via their official website. These events encompass art, dance, music, literary competitions, and group activities like Scavenger Hunt. Furthermore, daily informal stalls are arranged for spectators to engage in various smaller events.
  3. World Fest - A three day festival at KV grounds which feature international artists from all over the world. Previously, World Fest has featured diverse music performances ranging from Irish folk, contemporary, alternative rock, hip-hop to acoustic genres.
  4. Professional Shows - Five night concerts at Open Air Theatre of IIT Madras -
    a. Classical Night
    b. Choreo Night
    c. EDM Night
    d. Rock Night
    e. Popular Night

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