Tell me about fests other than Saarang and Shaastra in IIT Madras

Other than Saarang and Shaastra, there are a bunch of fests which occur in IIT Madras throughout the year. To begin with, most hostels have their own specific night fests throughout the year. Some departments also conduct special fests throughout the year. Here are some of the prominent ones:

  1. AMALGAM: Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  2. BHOUTICS: Physics Department
  3. BIOFEST: Biotechnology Department
  4. ELEC FEST: Electrical Engineering Department
  5. CHEMCLAVE: Chemical Engineering Department
  6. CEA FEST: Civil Engineering Department
  7. EXEBIT: Computer Science & Engineering Department
  8. FORAYS: Mathematics Department
  9. HSS DEPARTMENT CONFERENCE: Humanities and Social Sciences Department
  10. MECHANICA: Mechanical engineering Department
  11. SAMANVAY: Department of Management Studies
  12. WAVEZ: Department of Ocean Engineering

The Sabha-Samitis and other organisations, which represent the diverse diaspora of people from all across India and even overseas conduct their own fests throughout the year as well, showcasing their culture and heritage.

Apart from these department fests, other noteworthy fests which occur in IIT Madras are:

  1. E- Summit - Organised by Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras, E-Summit is the annual flagship entrepreneurship fest filled with - Youth Conclave, Innovator’s Conclave, Startup Conclave, and Startup Essentials.
  2. 36’ Wall Street - The Finance Club’s flagship event, offers various competitive events, workshops, and lectures to educate students on finance, in line with the club’s vision to make finance more accessible to the students of IIT Madras.
  3. Vāṉavil - Vannam IITM, the queer collective of IIT Madras organises its own fest, spanning across three days, bringing to you several events, including talks, panel discussions, workshops, and more.

Saarang also has its own Pre-Saarang event during the July-November semester, called Mardi Gras or Club Weekender, where all clubs and verticals showcase their work. Along with these, several fests or events are carried out throughout the year by different clubs or bodies, such as the Research Scholars Day organised by the RAS Council, Raagabop organised by Music Club, etc.

So excited to know about all these fests!