What is Engineering Design?

“From concept to a component that meets a desired function.”

As aptly stated above, the Department Of Engineering Design at IIT Madras, the first of its kind, aims to bridge the gap between applied and theoretical engineering principles. By equipping students not only with knowledge but also hands on experience, and most importantly the thirst to create and innovate, the field outputs competent design professionals in various disciplines.

Unbound by the normative realms of conventional engineering fields, Engineering Design, integrates principles and methodologies of numerous fields and pushes for application of a more holistic approach to design. From human factors like ergonomics, to environmental and long term vision in sustainable development, to market requirements of entrepreneurs, the program fosters a multidisciplinary learning environment, and encourages free thinking and collaboration.

The Department of Engineering Design provides state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, design workshops and more to nurture and fuel the creativity of students and faculty, in making the world a better place. Through industry collaboration and onsite internships, students develop a hands-on approach to real world problems solving.

If making a change by channeling creativity, zeal and thirst to innovate is for you, Engineering Design is the place for you!