What is the GO criteria in NIRF?

Graduation Outcomes (GO) is the parameter of NIRF that looks at various aspects of the ultimate goal of students, graduation. It looks at the percentage of graduates from the institute availing opportunities like campus placements, higher education admissions, entrepreneurial activities, etc. There are specific sub-parameters that look into each of these. Median salary data of placed students and the fraction of students graduating within the prescribed time of the program are also crucial contributors to the metrics of the Graduation Outcomes.

The sub-parameters are as follows, which are then combined and normalized to give a GO score out of 100 -

  • Combined Metric for Placements, Higher Studies and Entrepreneurship (GPHE)
  • Metric for University Examinations (GUE)
  • Median Salary (GMS)
  • Metric for Graduates Admitted in Top Universities (GTOP)
  • Metric for Number of PhD students Graduated (GPHD)

IIT Madras has a strong and well-structured Placement team for core and non-core placement opportunities. IITM has around 3000 PhD students across disciplines. The E-Cell provides a strong base for all aids and opportunities related to entrepreneurship. IIT-M has a Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well. The IITM Incubation Cell (IITMIC) is India’s leading Deep-tech Startup hub. It coordinates and leverages the synergies of various strands of excellence driving innovation and entrepreneurship at the Institute, which consists of cutting-edge research and industrial interactions. In 2021-22, the percentage of placement was 78%, according to the data provided by the institute. The minimum package was Rs 6.5 lakh per annum and the maximum package in 2021-22 was Rs 46 lakh per annum. Annually, around 300 IIT Madras graduates covet admission to top universities across India and internationally for higher studies.

IIT Madras ranks first in Graduation Outcomes amongst all IITs, under the strong placement facilities, entrepreneurship promotion, and excellent academic resources that foster graduates suitable for academic pursuits in top universities across the globe.

You can check the GO scores and the sub-parameters here.