How do I know if my elective courses can be converted to a minor?

In IIT Madras, all students are offered an extensive list of elective courses to choose from, but not all of these courses are convertible to a minor.

There are some specific regulations in deciding a minor:

  1. The minor is awarded based on doing four courses (minimum 36 credits) within the approved stream titles and courses.
  2. Can do two minors without overlapping courses.
  3. Students cannot claim a minor in major degree.
  4. The same course cannot be repeatedly claimed under two minors.

IIT Madras has an approved minor list which presents all the applicable courses under each minor title: Approved minor list.pdf

In order to convert an elective course to a minor, you must have completed three more courses from the same title. Completion of courses from various titles, even under the same department, will not be applicable in achieving a minor. But there is flexibility present in the acquisition of a minor, since many departments allow claiming a minor with updated courses if allowed by the Head of Department. In the upcoming year, almost all departments are planning on offering a versatile range of minors for their offered courses.