Is Maths exam at higher secondary compulsory for online Data Science course?

Namaste. My daughter has now completed her 10th std secondary course. As we are living in a village, we opted to homeschool her with the help of online tutors and she appeared for exams via NIOS. She has taken mathematics as one of the subjects and is reasonably good at it.

As we are about to make the subject choice for +2 higher secondary, we were planning to take up the IITM online BSc Data Science course afterwards, so we thought we should take up mathematics and computer science now for +2.

However this evening I discussed with her online tutor coordinator and she was advising against taking mathematics in NIOS +2 as she felt the syllabus was too tough for my daughter to be comfortable with.

Nevertheless we don’t want to lose the opportunity of doing data science that too from IITM. So I was wondering if it is mandatory that she should take maths as one of the subjects in written exam or how.

Admissions says:

It is expected that the applicants have studied Mathematics and English in Class 10.

But it doesn’t particularly say about +2. Can we assume that it’s not mandatory at that level? Provided she clears the qualifier which we can write at +1 level, she can go ahead with joining the DS course?

My daughter is still interested in studying maths for knowledge’s sake and for data science, it’s just the NIOS exam difficulty that we are concerned about.

If it’s enough that the candidate has enough maths knowledge and not necessary that she should have actually written +2 Maths exam, we can choose subjects other than maths for exam purpose and continue to study maths and appear for the Data Science qualifier next year.

Please advise. Thanks!