How can NIOS students apply for qualifier for DS course?

Namaste. The page Admissions says:

School students who have appeared for their Class 11 final exams can apply irrespective of their group/stream/board. Those who qualify can join the program after passing Class 12.

As mentioned in my other thread (would appreciate a formal reply there :wink:) my daughter has finished NIOS Secondary exams just last month (May 2024). Hence she would be eligible by God’s grace to join the DS program after clearing Senior Secondary in May 2026.

Now we would like to take advantage of the provision to finish the qualifier at 11th level itself so we need not worry about that with 12th exams on hand.

However, NIOS doesn’t really have a 11th standard, and its senior secondary is a two year course after secondary. In which case, will it be acceptable to have completed 10th certificate and age is 16 completed? Note that it is not possible for us to produce any completed 11th certificate as our board itself doesn’t have that provision.

Hope someone can reply assuringly…

Hi, acknowledging this and this too. Let us ask around to see who can answer this.

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