What is the IDDD Robotics program at IIT Madras?

What is the IDDD Robotics program at IIT Madras?

Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that involves the design, construction, programming, and operation of robots. These machines, often equipped with sensors, actuators, and artificial intelligence, aim to perform tasks autonomously or assist humans in various activities.

The Interdisciplinary Dual Degree program in Robotics aims to foster and cultivate future professionals in the field of robotics. These individuals will be equipped to contribute to the design, development, and implementation of robotic systems in various industries, ultimately enhancing productivity and contributing to the economic growth of the country. This program makes students understand the basic robotic technologies used across various applications, The Kinematic and dynamic aspects, The control algorithms, AL, Neural Networks, and RL, along with the Design of robotic systems.

Who is eligible to apply?

A B. Tech student or a Dual Degree student of IIT Madras in any discipline (except biosciences) is eligible to upgrade/opt for this program provided the student has a CGPA of 8.0 or above up to 5th semester. Total number of seats will be fixed at 25 and allocation of dual degree specialization and award of the degree will be governed by the rules of the Institute.

Curriculum and Courses

The curriculum of IDDD-Robotics is highly flexible, spanning five semesters within the five-year dual degree program. It also includes a bridge course, encompassing the fundamentals of electrical, mechanical, and computer science relevant to robotics. This course is designed to provide students entering this specialization from diverse streams with a foundational understanding of robotics.

Here are some courses offered in the program:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Mechanics and Control of Serial Manipulators
  • Field and Service Robotics
  • Robotics Laboratory

What are the future and job prospects?

There are several leading companies who actively recruit students with knowledge of robotics. Some of the companies are:

  • Eaton Corporation
  • Bosch
  • TCS Innovation Labs
  • Titan
  • ABB Robotics
  • Kawasaki Robotics
  • Pari Robotics
  • DRDO
  • CSIR
  • Systemantics
  • HiTech Robotics
  • Stryker

As technology continues to advance, robotics is expected to play a crucial role in various fields. Automation in Industries, Healthcare integration, AI Assistance, Autonomous Vehicles, Space Exploration, etc are examples of some of the leading sectors that are playing an important role in the evolution of robotics. It is safe to say that the potential is immense, given the ever-growing need for new and efficient technologies.

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