Which is program combination is best suited for robotics?

Given my score in Adv, I have two possible choices: Engineering Design (ED) and Mechanical Engineering (ME).
Since ED is essentially an integration of multiple disciplines, will there be an associated loss of rigor and depth in the topics studied, or is it groundwork of transferrable skills to learn (new skills) deeply when needed?

ED focuses on the base concepts of engineering so that students can pick and choose what they want to study and master, in their later years.

The curriculum is designed for students to learn concepts that help them build products. Some courses necessary to do this, are also included, even if they’re offered by other departments, like Signals in Systems in the second semester (offered by EE).

If you look at other disciplines like EE or ME, you’ll only work on a very niche field later on, that might not include all the concepts that you studied in your curriculum.

ED thus aims to give you a broader flavor in bachelors, for you to decide what you want to work on later.

That’s why ED students work in Automotive companies, Biomedical Device makers, Gaming companies, and of course all non-core jobs.

So no, it doesn’t reduce rigor but instead lays a solid foundation - especially great for people who would want to keep more bases open and explore more options in IITM.

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