Why is IIT Madras an 'agile' environment for learning?

IIT Madras is a reflection of the deer on the campus. It is agile and flexible - what we mean by this is you can adapt and learn whatever you want, once you’re in, thanks to an efficient system in place. Here are some key features that define the agility of the institute:

  • IDDD: The Interdisciplinary Dual Degree program (IDDD) stands as further proof of IITM’s adaptable curriculum. Introduced in 2018 to meet growing technological and industry needs, IDDD enables students to excel in cutting-edge tech areas with a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The program promotes interdisciplinary learning and research, enabling students to gain expertise in multiple fields. The program extends for five years and follows a structured curriculum that includes core courses from both disciplines as well as elective courses.

  • Minors and Electives: Another example of IIT Madras’s flexibility in academics, is minor programs across diverse fields. Earning a minor requires completing a minimum of 4 courses from a specific field distinct from the student’s major branch of study. The goal is to foster additional interests of students and provide them with a platform for learning. Apart from a minor, students also have the option to choose almost 40% of courses in their curriculum. The institute encourages students to explore and develop diverse talents and potential beyond their core curriculum through a range of elective courses by grouping them into Science, Engineering, Professional, and Humanities. These electives also focus on preparing students for the industry by cultivating a versatile skill set and broad knowledge, enhancing their prospects for employment.

  • Semester Exchange: IIT Madras has fostered Student Exchange Agreements with over 100 esteemed higher education institutions worldwide, allowing students around 300 opportunities for students to pursue studies in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. These agreements grant IIT Madras students a tuition waiver for a semester at partner universities, ensuring seamless credit transfers to their home program. Furthermore, students can engage in paid internships at esteemed institutions like Purdue University. Alumni funding is available to support associated expenses like travel, visa, and medical insurance.

The student-run clubs offer PoRs (Positions of Responsibility) for the students which become a strong base for them to develop skills that will help them shape their careers. Inter IIT Tech meets, numerous internships and various other competitions inside the institute are accessible to all irrespective of their branch, providing them the opportunity to expand their interests and explore a lot. After all, college life is the time for students to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives, and IIT Madras, with its agility, is the perfect place for students to spend the best years of their academic journey.