Is there a Department of Management Studies at IITM?

Yes! If you have an eye for strategy, operations, and leadership and want to learn the foundational principles that drive successful enterprises, welcome to the Department of Management Studies (DoMS).

The Department of Management Studies at IIT Madras

The IIT Madras Department of Management Studies aims to lead in emerging management fields, building global connections through academia, industry, and government engagement. Immersed in values of top-tier education, career development, and strategic innovation, the department cultivates students as visionary entrepreneurs, emphasizing performance excellence and global impact. Combining cutting-edge research with practical business approaches, it nurtures entrepreneurial insights, environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and corporate governance, making it the best place to build a foundation for success.

Recipients of several prestigious awards and recognitions, the DoMS faculty boasts a global teaching/research experience. Specializations span finance, HR, Organizational Behavior, Information Systems, Integrative Management, Marketing, and Operations. The MBA program emphasizes industry-specific knowledge via courses on industrial domains. Annual updates align courses with industry trends. The department fosters partnerships and student exchanges with European, Australian, and American business schools. Joint Ph.D. programs with Curtin University, University of Technology Sydney, and the University of Passau enrich academic offerings. IIT Madras has nurtured a great management ecosystem, offering numerous opportunities for students to build excellent career profiles.

Here are some courses offered by the department:

Microeconomics Business Models
Business Research Methodology Systems Thinking and Applications
Operations Management Supply Chain Management

The MS department offers engineering students elective courses as well. This shows that IIT Madras is not just a hub for innovative engineering, but also serves as a platform to build excellent skills in management studies, helping students shape successful careers.

Programs Offered:

The department offers several programs, along with courses as electives for undergraduate students.

  • MBA - a two-year, full-time program, that provides students with a well-rounded learning experience in terms of management theory and actual practice.
  • Executive MBA (E-MBA) - A two-year program that specifically caters to the learning needs of working professionals, conveniently designed to allow work-life balance through alternate weekend contact classes, while still maintaining academic rigor and a practice-oriented curriculum.
  • TechMBA - An IDDD (Interdisciplinary Dual Degree) program that integrates and synergizes technology and management disciplines.
  • Quantitative Finance - An IDDD (Interdisciplinary Dual Degree) program links mathematical and computing skills with finance.

In keeping with the research focus of the parent institution, DoMS offers a Master’s program in research (M.S.) to equip students to undertake rigorous, managerially relevant research in various management areas as well as the flagship doctoral (Ph.D) program which molds students to pursue high-quality research.

The PGPEX-VLM is a unique one-year diploma program with a built-in manufacturing focus, that is jointly conducted by three institutes i.e., IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, and IIM Calcutta.

There is also a post-doctoral research program and a six-month post-doctoral program for women which provides opportunities for doctoral scholars to collaborate, and work with the faculty members on innovative areas of management research.

Placement and Collaborations

DoMS students secure internships and placements at major companies like Google, IBM, McKinsey & Company, Amazon, Accenture, Federal Bank, ICICI, Siemens, Freshdesk, and more. The department undertakes sponsored projects, and consultancies, and encourages entrepreneurial endeavors with a focus on social responsibility. MS (Entrepreneurship) students launch ventures during/after their course, incubated by CTiDES at IIT Madras. They transition from DoMS to IIT Madras Research Park or independent premises upon achieving self-sustainability. The Department houses a Centre for Research on Start-Ups and Risk Financing, active in numerous publications and ongoing/completed projects.

The DoMS department of IIT Madras stands as the best place to build a career in the intersection of Engineering and Management, offering great exposure to students, and making them industry-ready.

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